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Security Training 101

Introduction to Risk, Security, and how to get started

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We understand that establishing a strong security foundation is essential for safeguarding your organization’s assets and maintaining a resilient posture in today’s dynamic threat landscape.

Our “Security 101” training is meticulously crafted to provide your team with comprehensive insights into risk management, enterprise security, application/network security, risk assessment, and the critical steps to get started on your security roadmap.

Training Overview

Intro to Risk:  Key Terms

Securing the Enterprise

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Securing the Enterprise
  • CIS 18 as a framework
  • Other frameworks to consider
Securing an application or a network

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Securing an application or a network
Risk Management Framework Overview

  • Security Categorization (FIPS-199)
  • Control Selection (NIST 800-53)
  • Control Implementation & Assessment
  • System Authorization & Continuous Monitoring

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How to Calculate and Assess

  • Exposure (Threat, likelihood, vulnerability
  • Impact:  Value of your data and systems>
  • Thresholds:  Setting up alerts and escalation paths

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How to Get Started

  • Drawing security boundaries and categorizing systems
  • Implementing controls appropriate to the situation in which you operate
  • Work through the CIS-18
  • Continuously assessing a key subset of controls to ensure they are working as intended
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards

Who is it for?

This training is specifically designed to instill a strategic mindset regarding security matters. Participants will not only acquire foundational knowledge but will also develop a nuanced understanding of how to integrate security considerations into their decision-making processes.

The training delves deep into the intricacies of security thinking, emphasizing the importance of proactive risk management, threat assessment, and the cultivation of a security-conscious culture within the organization. Executives and leaders will be guided through practical scenarios, encouraging them to analyze security challenges from a strategic standpoint.

Moreover, the program fosters a holistic perspective on security, enabling leaders to view it not just as a compliance requirement but as a fundamental aspect of business strategy.

 lead your organization toward a secure and resilient future.
Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a rising leader, our “Security 101” training is crafted to empower you with the knowledge and strategic thinking needed to fortify your organization against evolving security challenges.

Why Aerstone?

Create a Well-Trained Defense with Aerstone


Aerstone boasts over twenty years of experience in the cybersecurity field. Our trainers are seasoned professionals with real-world experience defending against cyber threats, ensuring you receive top-tier training.


We understand that each organization is unique. We can tailor our training programs to your specific needs and objectives, ensuring you receive targeted and relevant instruction.

Holistic Approach

Aerstone’s training goes beyond the technical aspects of security. We emphasize the importance of a security culture, ensuring that your organization is aligned with security objectives.


While security training is an investment, Aerstone’s programs offer exceptional ROI by enhancing overall security effectiveness.

Top-Notch Training from the Experts
Empower your organization leadership with a profound and nuanced understanding of security.