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Project Description

PrivacyOwl™ is a web-based service for users to create legally compliant privacy policies for websites and mobile applications. A subscription-based offering, PrivacyOwl™ supports generating comprehensive privacy policies without any knowledge of privacy law, and to ensure those policies are updated dynamically as privacy statute changes.

PrivacyOwl™ Highlights

  • PrivacyOwl™ subscriptions allows users to create and modify their privacy policies at any time. Members can buy single policies, or purchase discounted policy bundles.
  • Subscribers only need to answer a few simple questions about their business, and how they manage customer data, and legally compliant privacy policies are created on the spot.
  • PrivacyOwl’s legal team continuously evaluates privacy statute, and updates privacy policy verbiage dynamically as the legal framework changes; subscriber privacy policies are always legally valid and binding.
  • Subscribers can modify their questionnaire answers, and thus change their policy contents, at any time.
  • Generated policies can easily be integrated into subscriber websites and mobile applications.

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