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Securing the Nation's Utility Infrastructure

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Public utilities are an essential part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. It is vital to our country’s interests that we ensure the security of these services, especially their integrity and availability. In an effort to reduce the risks associated with threats to our infrastructure, and ensure that appropriate physical and logical security standards are maintained, utility industry associations are starting to enforce stronger security standards, as well as stronger penalties for non-compliance. For example, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) has developed a series of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards, which define the full set of security requirements for the North America’s electric grid, including physical and logical controls. These standards mandate regular third-party risk assessments, as well as the maintenance of comprehensive enterprise security plans. Penalties for non-compliance with these requirements can include meaningful fines and sanctions. And although these standards apply specifically to the North American firms that maintain our electric grid, the underlying requirements are an advisable (if not mandated) baseline for other non-electric public utilities to follow. In this way, Aerstone is extremely well-positioned to provide a number of key cybersecurity services to entities in the utility space. 


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    Our Experience Sets Us Apart

    Aerstone is an NSA-certified vulnerability assessor, and a service-disabled veteran-owned small business.  We approach each engagement with the highest levels of professionalism, determination, and creativity, honed by years of working with security professionals across the military, intelligence community, civilian government, and commercial sectors.

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