Press Releases - For Immediate Release
Introducing Qirc!

Introducing Qirc!

Introducing Qirc by Aerstone! Here at Aerstone, our IP Development team gets to work on exciting projects such as Qirc, our recommendations app now available in both iTunes and the GooglePlay Store! For more information about Qirc, visit

Aerstone Labs Launches Mobile Apps

Aerstone Labs is proud to present our first application for the Apple and Android Application Store. Our FIPS 199 App is a simple utility for allowing you to define systems and assign categories based on the NIST FIPS PUB 199 impact descriptions by Security Objective....

Aerstone Launches Security Badging Program

Aerstone is pleased to announce the Aerstone Security Badging program. Companies successfully completing a security assessment may display a security badge on their website and promotional materials. The badge signifies successful completion of a security assessment...