Aerstone on the Road!

DoDIIS Worldwide 2017

Aerstone is pleased to announce that it will be featuring its products and services as an exhibitor at DoDIIS Worldwide, August 13-16, 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Aerstone provides commercial, government, and non-profit organizations the security and know-how they need to minimize cybersecurity risk, and safeguard information and infrastructure.

Visit Aerstone at booth #716 or contact us to set up a meeting onsite!  We look forward to seeing you there!

ShmooCon 2017

Aerstone is pleased to announce that it will be featuring its pentesting, forensics, and security architecture products and services as a silver sponsor at ShmooCon at the Washington Hilton, January 13-15, 2017.

ShmooCon is an annual east-coast hackers convention known for its interesting atmosphere.  Over the course of three days, speakers and exhibitors will demonstrate technology exploitation, inventive software and hardware solutions, and hold open discussions of critical infosec issues.

A popular stop in year’s past, Aerstone’s booth will be hosting “crack the code” contests with amazing giveaways for attendees throughout the conference. Aerstone booth staff will be representing the company’s high-energy culture, work hard-play hard environment and technical excellence.  The company will be accepting resumes from attendees who are interested in joining the team.  Aerstone’s staff is looking forward to interacting with 2017’s attendees.

Learn more about Aerstone’s products and services here.


DI2E Plugfest

Aerstone is part of a team competing in the DI2E plugfest Jun 01 – 02, 2016. The DI2E Plugfest is the annual demonstration of advancements in the DI2E featuring DI2E Programs of Record, COCOMS and Agencies, Intelligence Investment Fund, 43 displays, dozens of demonstrations, talks from senior leadership, 4 mashup challenge teams, hundreds of attendees.

Our team comprises of Booz Allen Hamilton, SDLGov, BasisTech, MarkLogic, Integral Mind, Splunk and others. Each team member is making their web services available in an effort to create a demonstration that showcases the orchestration of API services. The final solution will be a creation of a mobile app that will allow users to take a picture of a foreign document with their cell phone and provide text analysis and english translation back to the user.

Aerstone is making SIFT™’s OCR microservice available for this effort. Our service automatically rotates, pre-processes, and converts the image taken by a cell phone into text. The result of our service is passed onto other text analysis and text translation services.

CS Week 2015


In late April of 2015, Aerstone will be presenting a presentation at CS Week in Charlotte, NC on the FTC Red Flags Rule, and its applicability to the Utility industry. This rule requires companies under FTC jurisdiction, including financial institutions and certain creditor organizations, to develop an identity theft prevention program. Affected organizations must put early warning systems in place to detect the potential patterns, practices, or specific activities indicating the possibility of identity theft. Aerstone’s presentation, presented in conjunction with AAC Utility Partners and Bryan Texas Utilities, will help arm utility companies with the information they need to define the Red Flags that make sense for their organization — including credit agency alerts, suspicious documents, PII discrepancies, and suspicious account activity.

ShmooCon 2014


In early 2014, Aerstone exhibited at ShmooCon 2014, which is the annual east coast hacker convention.  Our booth attracted tons of traffic from attendees interested in our Atari 2600, our theremin, and (of course) information about Aerstone’s cybersecurity services. We produced two contests for attendees to tackle: our ShmooCare website that participants had to fix in order to be able to register for healthcare <smile>, and our “Magic Encoder Challenge.” Congratulations to our winners — we’ll see you in January at ShmooCon 2015, with a new set of puzzles and challenges.