Aerstone is part of a team competing in the DI2E plugfest Jun 01 – 02, 2016. The DI2E Plugfest is the annual demonstration of advancements in the DI2E featuring DI2E Programs of Record, COCOMS and Agencies, Intelligence Investment Fund, 43 displays, dozens of demonstrations, talks from senior leadership, 4 mashup challenge teams, hundreds of attendees.

Our team comprises of Booz Allen Hamilton, SDLGov, BasisTech, MarkLogic, Integral Mind, Splunk and others. Each team member is making their web services available in an effort to create a demonstration that showcases the orchestration of API services. The final solution will be a creation of a mobile app that will allow users to take a picture of a foreign document with their cell phone and provide text analysis and english translation back to the user.

Aerstone is making SIFT™’s OCR microservice available for this effort. Our service automatically rotates, pre-processes, and converts the image taken by a cell phone into text. The result of our service is passed onto other text analysis and text translation services.