The OWASP Foundation’s flagship global conference is AppSec USA. As the single largest fundraising event OWASP hosts, AppSec USA is most than just another security conference. Proceeds directly benefit open source projects such as the OWASP Top Ten, the Cheat Sheet series, Zed Attack Proxy, WebGoat, and more.

Aerstone was not only a sponsor of AppSec this year, but also highly engaged — as Aerstone employees were involved at all levels of planning. Mark Major was the director of the AppSec 2014 conference, Chris Campbell designed and led the development of the capture-the-flag exercise (“WaspNest CTF“), Jess Garrett organized the AppSec home brewed beer competition (“Code Brew“), and the rest of Aerstone’s Colorado employees all volunteered at the event.

On the presentation side of the house, Aerstone’s own Jon Pettyjohn was chosen as an AppSec speaker. Jon led an interactive presentation for developers and other IT professionals to demonstrate the benefits of the popular network scanner nmap, used by security professionals for decades.  The objective was to show those unfamiliar with network scanning the value of this multi-purpose tool to developers, testers, admins, etc. Jon’s presentation included hands-on activities to allow attendees to use the tool against a variety of targets, simulating real-world scenarios and challenges.