Aerstone Releases BlackNote

ROCKVILLE, Maryland — February 14, 2017 —Aerstone today announced it has released BlackNote, an open source tool for sharing one-time secrets.

Customers often report the need to share one-time secrets in a secure and reliable fashion. These secrets may include single use passwords, temporary symmetric encryption keys, or other personal/private information, like mailing addresses or data not suited for insecure mediums. Email and SMS and other similar communications platforms are highly insecure mechanisms for sharing these kinds of sensitive data, outside of asymmetric encryption, which is sometimes impractical. Aerstone determined a need for secure tool that customers could use to send encrypted messages, and which could optionally be hosted locally on company infrastructure.

Aerstone designed and developed BlackNote to solve this need for a tool to share one-time secrets.  Users enter a private message into the BlackNote browser interface, which encrypts the secret browser-side, and stores the encrypted data on the BlackNote server. The client interface then generates a unique link that can be used to retrieve and decrypt the secret. This URL can safely be forwarded using any preferred out-of-band method of communication, like SMS or email.  This link is available for one-time use; the encrypted message is deleted from the server the first time the unique address is visited. At no time are the decryption keys ever stored with the encrypted secret on the server, or sent across the wire in any fashion. This ensures that the encrypted secret is 100% secure while it’s stored, and irrevocably destroyed once it’s retrieved.

BlackNote is available for free online use at, and may be downloaded and compiled from the GitHub project available at under the GNU open source license.

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