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Unlocking FISMA Compliance

Your Path to Government-Grade Security

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As a trusted cybersecurity and regulatory excellence leader, we guide organizations through the intricate Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance landscape.

We provide more than just a checklist. We offer a transformative partnership that fortifies your defenses, safeguards your data, and propels your organization toward the pinnacle of regulatory achievement.

In federal data security, the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) stands as a pillar of protection, setting the standards for safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring the resilience of critical systems. 

In support of FISMA compliance, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a framework, including a set of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), that government agencies must use to achieve compliance. 

FISMA compliance is not just a requirement; it’s a commitment to the highest echelons of cybersecurity.

What is FISMA, and who is it for?

FISMA Compliance isn’t Just a Legal Requirement; It’s a Strategic Choice

Federal Agencies

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Federal Agencies

FISMA mandates that all federal agencies develop, document, and implement an agency-wide program. A program which provides information security for the information and information systems that support the operations and assets of the agency.

Contractors That Operate Government Systems

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Contractors That Operate Government Systems

The mandate extends to government systems run by contractors or not-for-profit organizations that operate government systems. Outsourcing the system’s operation does not exempt it from this mandate.

Commercial Organizations

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Commercial Organizations

Additionally, many non-governmental and commercial organizations have also willingly adopted FISMA or FISMAlike standards to achieve the high level of assurance for information security that compliance provides.

Navigate FISMA Compliance with Confidence
We streamline your path to compliance with federal data security standards and guidelines, making the journey straightforward and efficient.

Why Aerstone?

Aerstone’s Distinctive Edge in FISMA Compliance Services

Navigating Complex Systems with Expert Precision

The Aerstone team specializes and excels at finding the best way forward on complex systems that require a detailed understanding of business processes, complicated or contradictory system boundaries, complex technologies, and other unusual challenges.

We leave no stone unturned

While many FISMA compliance assessment service vendors follow a basic routine and process, Aerstone looks to find ways to improve the process on every engagement. Our journey begins by meticulously defining the assessment scope and collaboratively structuring the Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) project for comprehensive and streamlined execution.

Distinct Specialties

Aerstone offers a comprehensive range of Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) activities with distinct specialties that differentiate us. These include expertise in FIPS 199 determinations & FIPS 200 , advanced threat modeling, thorough enumeration of threat vectors and actors, meticulous sourcing, and security requirements analysis. We also specialize in rigorous security architecture and design reviews, in-depth application security code reviews, comprehensive security testing, thorough penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments.

Strategize, Implement, Succeed
Partner with Us for FISMA Compliance Excellence.

Our Approach

Precision in Action: Our FISMA Compliance Approach

Initial Assessment and Scoping

We conduct a detailed assessment to understand your organization’s unique environment, systems, assets, and data subjected to FISMA compliance. We take an inventory of all the information systems utilized within the organization and map out their interdependencies. This step helps us define the scope and tailor our approach accordingly.

Risk Assessment

Our team performs comprehensive three-tiered risk assessments to identify the security risks across organizational, business process, and information system levels.

Risk Categorization

We then categorize the systems based on the impact of a loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability, using the guidance provided in FIPS 199 and NIST SP 800-60. This analysis guides the selection of appropriate security controls.

Security Plan Development

Based on the guidance provided in NIST SP-800-18, we assist you in choosing security controls that align with your organization’s risk profile. We then work with you to create a detailed security plan that outlines the selected controls, security policies, and a timetable for the introduction of further controls.

Control Implementation

Our experts work hand-in-hand with you to implement the selected controls, leveraging their technical expertise to strengthen security measures effectively.

Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A)

We conduct rigorous security testing and evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the chosen security controls. This involves conducting vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and other testing methods to ensure the controls work as intended.

Documentation and Reporting

Thorough documentation is a hallmark of our approach. We meticulously record compliance efforts, assessment results, and control implementations, providing you with a clear record for audit purposes.

Training and Education

We ensure that your staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain compliance. Training sessions enhance awareness of security protocols and procedures.

Transform Compliance into Confidence
From first-time FISMA compliance to comprehensive annual assessments, Aerstone will guide you with precision and efficiency.