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You are Invited to a Free Cybersecurity Webinar

You’re Invited to a Free Cybersecurity Webinar

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Ensuring FERPA Compliance with Expert Guidance

Navigating the Complexities of Student Data Protection and Regulatory Adherence

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Welcome to Aerstone, your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of FERPA compliance.

As educational institutions embrace digital transformation, safeguarding student data and privacy is paramount.

Our tailored FERPA compliance consulting services ensure that your organization meets regulatory requirements, secures sensitive information, and upholds the trust of students, parents, and other stakeholders.

But achieving FERPA compliance isn’t simple or straightforward. The law implies rather than states. The challenge doesn’t lend itself to check-box solutions, rather it requires an understanding of enterprise goals and risk management. Taken holistically, Aerstone can help you identify and implement strategies that meet your needs, communicate your intentions, and reduce exposure.


Data Doesn’t Protect Itself

Legal Requirement

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Legal Requirement

FERPA is a federal law that applies to educational institutions that receive federal funding. Compliance is not optional – covered institutions must adhere to FERPA regulations to avoid potential legal consequences.


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In addition to the penalties for failing to meet a FERPA standard, that same failure can be used in private litigation as evidence of a failure of due diligence. A covered institution could end up paying twice for the same mistake.

Enhancing Reputation

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Enhancing Reputation

Institutions prioritizing FERPA compliance demonstrate a commitment to ethical data handling and student well-being. This commitment enhances their reputation as responsible and trustworthy educational entities.

Preventing Data Breaches

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Preventing Data Breaches

Educational institutions handle vast amounts of sensitive data, making them potential targets for data breaches. FERPA compliance includes implementing security measures to protect against unauthorized access and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Safeguard Student Data with Confidence

We empower your organization to establish robust security postures and safeguard student data with confidence.

Why Choose Aerstone for FERPA Compliance?

Expert and Tailored Solutions


Comprehensive Expertise

With years of experience in cybersecurity and regulatory compliance, Aerstone brings security depth and expertise to FERPA compliance. We understand the unique challenges that educational institutions face and tailor our solutions to fit your specific needs.


Customized Compliance Solutions

No two institutions are the same, and neither are their compliance needs. Aerstone offers customized FERPA compliance solutions that align with your organization’s structure, processes, and technology. From policy development to staff training, our solutions are designed to address your unique requirements.


Robust Security Measures

Aerstone can help you go beyond basic compliance. We help you fortify your digital systems and data against modern cyber threats. By implementing advanced security measures, you can ensure that student information remains confidential, protected from unauthorized access, and resilient against potential breaches.


Comprehensive Training Programs

We understand the importance of a well-informed team in maintaining FERPA compliance. Our comprehensive training programs can help you equip your staff with the knowledge and skills to handle student data responsibly, recognize potential risks, and respond effectively to data-related incidents.


Ongoing Compliance Support

Staying compliant with FERPA is an ongoing commitment. Aerstone provides continuous support through regular audits and assessments, ensuring that your institution’s compliance efforts remain up-to-date and aligned with regulatory changes.

Your Partner in Student Privacy

At Aerstone, we recognize the critical role that FERPA compliance plays in preserving student privacy and institutional integrity. We are a dedicated team passionate about helping you achieve and maintain FERPA compliance with confidence.

Our Approach

Proven Path to FERPA Compliance

1. Tailored Cybersecurity Policies

We develop and implement cybersecurity policies and procedures customized to the unique environment of your educational institution. We work with you to ensure these measures are regularly reviewed and updated to effectively tackle emerging threats and technological changes.

2. Holistic Inventory Management

We assist your organization in creating and maintaining a comprehensive inventory of authorized hardware and software across your extended enterprise. This includes a meticulous understanding of data storage locations and transmission methods to ensure compliance.

3. Thorough Risk Assessment

Aerstone conducts regular risk assessments in alignment with recognized security standards, such as NIST SP 800-171. These evaluations aim to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks within the institution’s IT infrastructure, particularly systems hosting student data.

4. Continuous Monitoring and Response Planning

We aid your organization in implementing tools and practices for ongoing monitoring of your IT environment. This proactive approach helps detect unauthorized activities or anomalies promptly. Furthermore, we collaboratively develop an incident response plan to manage and mitigate data breaches effectively, should they occur.

5. Clear, Robust, and Accurate Communications planning

As with any privacy standard, FERPA requires covered entities to provide clear and accurate information about privacy policies, about why they gather privacy information, and what they do with that information (particularly how they share that information outside their own organization.) Aerstone can help you communicate your privacy policies to reduce exposure to misunderstanding and liability.

Ready To Embark on Your FERPA Compliance Journey?

Together, we can build a secure environment that protects student data and upholds the standards of educational excellence.