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FedRAMP authorization with Aerstone

Guidance for FedRAMP Authorization

Helping You Prepare for FedRAMP Assessments

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FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) authorization

is a U.S. government program designed to standardize and streamline the security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring processes for cloud products and services used by federal agencies.

Aerstone’s experienced consulting team provides guidance to companies pursuing FedRAMP authorization. Our team can help throughout the process: from creating your business case, to navigating your security gap analysis, to picking the right Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), Aerstone is your trusted partner.

Why FedRAMP?

Enhanced Security for Federal Data

Government Contracts

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Government Contracts

FedRAMP authorization is a prerequisite for organizations looking to work with the U.S. federal government. If your SAS is not FedRAMP certified, it can be harder than it should be to sell into the government market.

Market Access

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Market Access

FedRAMP authorization enhances software as a service’s (SaaS) credibility and marketability, both within and beyond the government sector. It signifies that the SS can be trusted with sensitive data, potentially opening doors to new business opportunities.

Security Compliance

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Comprehensive Evaluations

FedRAMP sets rigorous security standards and controls, ensuring that systems and data are adequately protected against cyber threats. Achieving FedRAMP authorization demonstrates an organization’s commitment to cybersecurity and adherence to industry best practices.

Do you want to navigate FedRAMP authorization with confidence? Jump on a call with a FedRAMP expert and have your questions answered.

Why Aerstone?

Get to authorization faster and for far less investment.

Cost Efficient

Getting the FedRAMP certification can require a 3PAO, getting ready for assessment does not. You need security expertise, not a 3PAO rate structure.

We understand complex systems

The Aerstone team specializes and excels at finding the best way forward on complex systems that require a detailed understanding of business processes, complicated or contradictory system boundaries, complex technologies, and other unusual challenges.

We go beyond a basic routine

While many compliance assessment service vendors follow a basic routine and process, Aerstone looks to find ways to improve the process on every engagement, starting with a focus on defining the scope of the task and working with you to plan the project comprehensively and efficiently.

We align our efforts with your objectives

We tailor our support to meet your enterprise’s unique needs, ensuring you receive the best return on investment. From initial considerations to third-party certification, Aerstone provides the expertise and insights that matter. We align our efforts with your objectives, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Get to FedRAMP Faster
Working with you and with our industry partners, Aerstone can help you get to authorization faster and for far less investment. Our people, experience, and relationships make it possible.

Our Services

Workshops and Training

Aerstone offers informative FedRAMP overview training sessions for both your executive and technical teams. These interactive workshops, lasting two to four hours, break down every aspect of the process. Aerstone helps you understand and answer the key questions in audience-appropriate sessions, starting early with questions like “What is FedRAMP?” and “Should I even do this?”. Following the workshop, Aerstone can stay with you through “How do I ensure my continuous monitoring solution is sufficient?”

Creating your business case

We assist you in crafting a robust business case for FedRAMP authorization by conducting in-depth assessments of your current SaaS offering and performing comprehensive cost-benefit and risk analyses. We collaborate closely with your team to quantify potential ROI and create a compelling business case that not only highlights the financial advantages but also underscores the critical need for enhanced cybersecurity.

Navigating your security gap analysis

We comprehensively evaluate your existing security controls and practices to identify gaps and vulnerabilities in the security posture relative to FedRAMP requirements. We then provide clear recommendations and actionable steps to address these gaps, ensuring alignment with the required security controls and best practices. Our expertise in understanding the intricacies of FedRAMP security requirements allows you to efficiently and effectively bridge the identified gaps. We guide you toward a more secure and compliant state to meet the rigorous standards necessary for authorization.

Picking the right Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO)

We assist you in selecting the optimal 3PAO for FedRAMP authorization by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the industry and the FedRAMP process. We guide you through a comprehensive evaluation, considering critical factors such as the 3PAO’s relevant experience, expertise in assessing systems similar to yours, a proven track record of successful assessments, and cost considerations. Aerstone ensures that the chosen 3PAO aligns with your specific project requirements and objectives.

Download this comprehensive guide so you can navigate the rigorous FedRAMP Certification process and make your way to secure cloud adoption.