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In-House Training

Aerstone’s training service allows organizations to dramatically improve security by leveraging in-house resources. This provides a long-term benefit with an outstanding ROI. Many leading corporations have fully embraced security as a part of the system development life cycle, and Aerstone’s technical security training programs will help your organization move in the same direction.

Secure By Design

Testing, consulting, and otherwise reviewing the security of an organization or system is always beneficial, but many times it seems to be an afterthought that leads to additional work. Training solves this problem by teaching the system developers how to design and build a secure system from the ground up. Examples of recent training classes have included:

  • Secure coding techniques
  • Security assessment and remediation
  • Identity management concepts and theories
  • eCommerce risks and technologies
  • Vulnerability assessment tool management

Small Classes

Aerstone’s training approach uses a proprietary hands-on teaching lab to immerse students in security. Classes are generally held at the client’s location with groups of 5-15 students of the same general technical ability (e.g., all web developers). Aerstone’s expert instructors provide a series of customized scenarios designed to allow the students to explore security problems, analyze solutions, and attempt to actually solve the problem on a live system. This hands-on approach significantly improves student motivation, increases enthusiasm for security in general, and lays the groundwork for future learning and experimentation after the class concludes.

Our Experience Sets Us Apart

Aerstone is an NSA-certified vulnerability assessor, and a service-disabled veteran-owned small business.

We approach each engagement with the highest levels of professionalism, determination, and creativity, honed by years of working with security professionals across the military, intelligence community, civilian government, and private industry.

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