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Complex Environments

Modern systems and applications are growing increasingly complicated, due to a variety of factors. All of these complexities translate into security threats, which must be assessed at the earliest stages of system development:

  • Increased sophistication of attackers, including well-funded nation states
  • Increased complexity of network architecture, including cloud-based environments
  • Increased regulatory requirements, including data safeguarding and auditing regulations
  • Increased interoperability of disparate systems, including software and hardware solutions
  • Increased implementation of massively-scaled big data applications
  • Increased support for multiple platforms, including mobile devices
  • Ongoing need to interact with legacy systems, using a variety of insecure protocols

Meaningful Risks

The downside of failing to incorporate security best practices at the earliest stages of system architecture and design can have costly effects on the enterprise. These effects can include cost overruns, schedule slip, or failure to achieve accreditation and authority to operate for systems in strongly controlled environments. Perhaps more dangerously than project-related issues, however, is the risk of deploying an insecure application into a production environment, or implementing network changes that can threaten the privacy of corporate or customer data. The cost of accidental exposure of private information may have serious legal ramifications, and can also lead to a significant loss of credibility for your organization. There is a clear trend of some organizations suffering irreversible harm from being hacked, a trend which will only increase as time goes on.

Secure By Design

Aerstone’s security architects have decades of experience across multiple platforms, including strong capabilities with both software and hardware solutions. Aerstone combines this deep breadth of knowledge with a keen understanding of cybersecurity best practices, to ensure that even the most complex system architectures are designed with security architecture as a primary functional requirement. We accomplish this by working closely with system architects, developers, testers, and operations staff to ensure that cybersecurity is baked into the DevOps process.


Our Experience Sets Us Apart

Aerstone is an NSA-certified vulnerability assessor, and a service-disabled veteran-owned small business.

We approach each engagement with the highest levels of professionalism, determination, and creativity, honed by years of working with security professionals across the military, intelligence community, civilian government, and private industry.

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