Aerstone leads advanced technical testing and regulatory standards based assessments for a variety of commercial, government, military, and Intelligence Community customers.


Standards Based Assessments


Aerstone delivers fully compliant standards based assessments and audits against a wide variety of common industry-specific regulations. In many cases, compliance with a specific standard is required by law, with non-compliance resulting in heavy fines or loss of access to work. In all cases, the exercise of complying with a security standard is a valuable exercise, which results in an enterprise that both understands and properly mitigates risks related to data confidentiality, data integrity, and system availability. Below are most popular standards based assessments that are requested of Aerstone.

FISMA Assessments

FISMA assessments based on FIPS-199 and NIST 800-53

PCI Assessments

PCI QSA Assessments For Payment Card Acceptance

DFARS Assessments

NIST 800-171 Assessments for DoD Contractor Companies

FedRAMP Readiness

FedRAMP readiness in preparation for 3PAO assessment

Other Standards

Beyond just a core set of popular standards based assessments, Aerstone’s assessors are trained to deliver assessments against a wide range of other industry-specific standards, some of which are listed below. Don’t see a particular standard listed? Contact us to discuss your requirements!