Our Company

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Our Business

Aerstone is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) that provides subject matter expertise in the field of advanced cybersecurity. Our commercial customers include medium and large organizations in the financial services, legal, utility, and education spaces – as well as a number of non-profit organizations. Aerstone also provides exceptional support and cleared staff to a wide variety of federal organizations in the civilian, military, and intelligence community sectors. Our products and services touch all aspects of cybersecurity, including architecture, systems design, software development, training, assessment, and forensics.

Our Beliefs

Aerstone’s dynamic, high-energy work environment is fueled by exceptional people driven by a desire to deliver quality results. We believe in working with people who are fun, smart, creative, and caring. We also love a challenge, and believe in pushing ourselves to solve hard problems, and to exceed client expectations.  We thrive on repeat business from long-term clients who are thrilled with our work!

Starving the Fox: A Cybersecurity Metaphor

In the plains of Colorado, wild rabbits seek refuge from predators like foxes in prairie dog holes. Although rabbits compete with prairie dogs for food, the smarter and stronger prairie dogs do not push rabbits into the open. The idea is to starve the common predator, thereby weakening subsequent attacks against the colony.

Aerstone believes that cybersecurity defense should adopt a similar approach. In this sense, “starving the fox” translates into working together as a community to thwart the efforts of common enemies, including cyberthieves, cyberactivists, and blunt malware. This involves taking actions such as:

  • Participating in and contributing to communal threat watch projects (e.g., Open Threat Exchange, IOC Bucket, MISP, and others).
  • Engaging with peer corporations to develop a communal understanding and defense against common threats.
  • Implementing layers of defense such as honeynets, honeypots, and especially false flags.

The goal is to increase the financial burden on your adversaries through concerted and coordinated planning. Aerstone can help your organization plan a comprehensive, right-sized, and proactive cybersecurity strategy that ultimately helps starve potential cyberattackers and thwarts cyber-attack campaigns before they’re even launched.

Our Leadership

Frank Schugar, CEO

Frank has more than 25 years of experience in the cybersecurity field, including seven years as a Division Manager at SAIC, where he led the Federal-Civil Information Security Financial Sector. As a former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, Frank’s strategic vision is invaluable to both clients and Aerstone. Frank holds a BS in Philosophy and History from Western Michigan University, studies judo, and is an avid musician.

Alex Kirkpatrick, COO

Alex has more than 10 years of experience in customer relationship management and  business processes improvement. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Western Governors University and a BA in Political Science and Journalism from The George Washington University. In her free time she enjoys music and theater, and teaches fitness classes as a Pure Barre instructor.

Jason Winder, CTO

Jason has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology field. He founded Aerstone in 2003 with a vision of creating a subject matter expert company. Jason holds dual Master’s degrees from the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh, in Business Administration and International Business. His private interests include languages, golf, travel, and cooking.