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Aerstone provides commercial, government, and non-profit organizations the security and know-how they need to minimize cybersecurity risk, and safeguard information and infrastructure.
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A Team of Experts

Our team loves a challenge! We believe in pushing ourselves to solve hard problems, and to exceed client expectations. Aerstone employees work tirelessly to keep your most sensitive information secure.
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Your Partner in Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions & Services


Aerstone’s design capabilities include highest-level experience in security architecture, systems engineering, identity and access management (IdAM), and content management system design.


Aerstone’s software development and security training team bring advanced cybersecurity expertise to bear on developing browser-based solutions for the enterprise.


Aerstone provides cybersecurity regulatory compliance assessments for clients in the financial services, legal, and healthcare industries.


Aerstone’s capabilities in Security Response include advanced capabilities in digital forensics, triage, and mitigation.

PCI Assessment

Aerstone is certified as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) by the PCI Security Standards Council. Our penetration testing and security assessment team will ensure your information processing systems are tested and evaluated against the most current vulnerability intelligence and exploitation methods threatening your system today.
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Penetration Testing

Aerstone’s team of penetration testers uses a combination of commercial, open source, and proprietary technologies to identify vulnerabilities in your network or applications. All systems are vulnerable; some systems are more vulnerable than others. AAerstone can help identify weaknesses in your security posture, before a breach occurs.
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Privacy Assessment

Today’s fast pace of technological change places your company’s privacy program at a disadvantage, and may expose your organization to reputational, legal, or financial risk. Aerstone’s privacy services are customizable to meet both government and commercial requirements, including both Program Assessments and Impact Assessments.
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Security Badging

Aerstone offers security badges to demonstrate an organization’s responsible approach to cybersecurity. Our badging program clearly communicates to your users and clients the completion of a meticulous third-party security assessment.
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Cybercrime by the Numbers

The threat is real

billion in worldwide losses

thousand incidents reported

percent of companies attacked

thousand dollars average loss

SOURCE: Industry and Government Cybercrime Reports, 2013/2014

Custom Solutions for Your Industry

Aerstone provides exceptional support to both commercial and federal organizations.

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Aerstone is more than just a place to work: it’s a way of life. Aerstone’s dynamic, high-energy work environment is fueled by exceptional people driven by a desire to deliver quality results. Check out our open billets to see if Aerstone is the workplace you’re looking for.

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