What We Do

We solve complex information security challenges efficiently and effectively.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Assuring your business
Aerstone’s comprehensive suite of cybersecurity service offerings enables your business by assuring the security and privacy of your business and client data.
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Digital Forensics

What, when, where, and how
Supporting HR departments and litigation teams facing daunting challenges,we are a good friend in hard times.
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Incident Response

Fast, Effective and Reliable
Responding to incidents in near real-time is a challenge we are ready to tackle with a team of experts dedicated to the security of your corporate assets.
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Service Highlights

Critical services to transform your organization’s security program.

Security Assessment

Real testing for the real world. The best value dollar for dollar of any security service.

Executive Consulting

Helping corporate leaders navigate the complexity of cybersecurity. Knowledge solutions for your urgent challenges.

A training room with computers


Offering customized solutions for your critical team members; providing a long-term benefit with an outstanding ROI.

About Us

Aerstone provides cybersecurity-related services and products to medium and large organizations in the financial services, legal, and health-care markets.

Projects span a range of cybersecurity fields including security architecture and design, forensic analysis, penetration testing, and regulatory compliance auditing.
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